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Entry for June 2018 Godot Game Jam

You are a fearless balloon pilot. After having recovered the precious silver horn from the mutant mockingbirds, you must escape their piercing attacks by harnessing the wind variations at altitudes [1].

And you must deflect the mockingbird's swoops with your trusty flamethrower! Also beware floating spike mines laid by the mutant mockingbird's evil master, Snorbert! Too many pecks by the birds, or collisions with the mines will tear at your balloon, eventually causing it to burst.

Your trusted friend Horace has laid out a path for you to follow. Learn the winds and fly your balloon through the path to lead to safety!

Bon Voyage!


w/s to go up/down

mouse/click to light up some feathers

Travel around by following the winds. Winds change as you change altitude, so get familiar with spiraling up and down to reach your target. The arrow shows you each gate to follow.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_air_ballooning#Flight_techniques


linux_blazing_balloons.x86_64 27 MB
linux_blazing_balloons.zip 9 MB
osx_blazing_balloons.dmg 27 MB
windows_blazing_balloons.appx 8 MB

Install instructions

I exported windows, linux and OSX. Only tested OSX. Also source is linked from github. It is small and should run in Godot 3.0

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