Blazing Balloons Update - windows exe and explainer popup

After receiving yet another comment about how the windows pack did not have an .exe, I tried re-exporting. Hopefully if anyone stumbles on this project, they can do that!

Also, I was hanging out at the Berlin Game Creator's meetup and explaining my game to someone and realized that I really needed to add a little explainer screen. Balloon nav is not intuitive, and I did nothing to make it clear in my game. Hopefully if anyone tries this, they understand.

Ultimately this would be a fun feature to add to  a broader game.


linux_blazing_balloons.x86_64 27 MB
Aug 04, 2018
osx_blazing_balloons.dmg 27 MB
Aug 04, 2018
windows_blazing_balloons.appx 8 MB
Aug 04, 2018

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