A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

Our Ludum Dare 45 Entry - "Start With Nothing"

A mario-kart style racing game with PVP split screen mode, and gamepad support. Race laps and pick up bonus "blue things" to get the best low-score (each blue thing reduces your overall time by 2 seconds).

HTML 5 version is a bit janky  as we  developed in OpenGL ES3 in Godot 3.1, but apparently we need to use ES2 for html5 export for now.

Best option is to use OSX or Win downloads. Both have been tested. Linux is not yet verified (but hopefully soon).


ldjam45-junkracerxl-linux.zip 18 MB
ldjam45-junkracerxl.dmg 20 MB
ldjam45-junkracerxl-win2.zip 15 MB

Install instructions

Run as DMG, or check out html5 version (not really as good):


Windows and linux forthcoming..

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